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Real Grade #1 Carnauba

Satisfaction of our customer's is our main priority


Discover the Difference Nature Makes

We set out on a journey to make the best natural wax. We found it odd that most wax isn't really wax at all. Its all synthetic made in lab stuff with 30 ingredients. Seemed to us that with all natural ingredients and some research and development that we could make something better. So after some time we came up with something we are very proud of that isnt full of chemicals. We are very proud of what we accomplished for ourselves and decided to try and share our product with everyone. I hope you can see the difference and appreciate it like we can and do. We put a lot of work into every batch as we hope you can enjoy our hard work in every tin.

Authentic Natural Wax

We strive hard to procure the wax from ethical regions and sources. Our Carnauba is grade #1 and our beeswax comes from real bee keepers and is gone through a filtering process to get all impurities out. Our natural waxes and oils combined gives a lustrous shine and protective shell without harming your car or the enviroment.

Satisfaction unmatched

We STILL believe in the American dream. We are a small craft wax company trying to make a living giving the best product to you at the cheapest price we can get it to you for. With that said we are old school and we believe the customer is always right and we think that with that belief we will be successful. Unfortunately there are no returns because all of our wax is literally made the day you order and sent out to you. But if you ever find yourself unhappy with us, shoot us a message and we will make it right. That is our promise  - to do good business and to make you loyal. It's a tough job these days to have loyal customers but we welcome the challenge. Thank you so much for choosing us.

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