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Our 24oz Best In Show spray wax is our newest product that we have been developing for a year. It has the highest concentrate of synthetic carnuaba wax on the market. It creates a  super slick high gloss on any surface and the best of all it is a cleaner! You can clean your whole car with it while putting on an ultra high gloss shine, it is literally a 2 and 1. Our highest concentrate carnauba will leave a shell not penetrable by dirt and grime with very long lasting effects.

It's orange scented and It comes in a 24oz large bottle with an adjustable sprayer that will last you a very long time. Spray on, wipe off, buff, move on. This is for the individual that wants professional results with getting the new age technology benifits of cleaning power with ultra protection power. Safe on every surface no weird chemicals as usual with our company.

Best In Show High Gloss Spray Wax 24oz

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