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Our Gun Armor Cleaner and Protectant is a incredibly versatile spray cleaner & protectant. It has been developed to use in the field, gun range, and in general on the go. We have developed the spray to include our hard shell carnauba and simple cleaning indgrediates to offer an all in one. This literally cleans and protects all in one spray of the nozzle. Clean dirt, oil, grime, gun powder, anything while giving a high gloss shine and waxing your firearms.

It is built and designed to be safe on every surface, and to be a quick fast clean in between deep cleans of your firearms. Our gun cleaner wax version has a special ingrediant for lifting oil and grime. Come in a handy 8oz version and little goes a long way like the rest of our products. 

Gun Armor Field Spray Cleaner & Wax

  • Spray the firearm down completely inside and out  wipe off and just apply fresh oil only where lubrication should be. I.e.. the mechanisms. Everything else should be cleaned and protected with no oil. With this you are able to lift the grease and debris that sits in indentations that you can't see that will develope rust. This will leave wax in those indentations so rust can't penetrate. Oil and debris left in those indentations will create more damage and create rust. It's a completely new take on cleaning, but is common sense. 

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