Our 8 ounce propietary organic wax for cars is a blend of luxurious all natural waxes and oils. Perfect for anyone that wants a lasting shine without the harmful chemicals found in waxes on the shelf.

Organic Car Wax

  • Ingredients in our wax are all 100% organic and are as followed: beeswax, carnauba wax, vegetable wax, oil. You will rarely find ingredients on anyone else's wax's. That's why we started the company. The carnauba wax in our wax is by far the highest % in the wax market. You can literally see the carnauba in our wax with no artificial coloring.


    This is ideal for:

    Someone that wants to get what they actually pay for.
    A person that has small children, dogs, or anyone or anything that could possibly be around this wax. (chemical free)
    A person that wants a shine on their car, or any object that can't be obtained with chemical waxes.
    The enthusiast that wants that unique protection and shine that only REAL wax can provide!


    York's Wax is an American made product out of Houston, Texas. Thank you for supporting small businesses.

    As far as caring for your car with yorks wax, dig into the tin and polish one section at a time or as you like. Caress the wax into the desired spot and let set for 10-20 minutes than buff. It leaves a lustrous wet shine usually reserved for show cars.  Store in a climate controlled area if possible, if not our wax holds up pretty well in the heat in comparison. Again our wax is completely organic with no harsh or strange chemicals usually found in car wax. Thank you for your time and consideration in buying our American made products. 

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