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Our newest edition to our car wax line is our Gold Standard Ceramic Wax. We spent 6 months in development and are excited to annouce it is finally here. Our ceramic spray wax is a proprietary blend of ceramic protectants that provide a much higher durability than wax alone. We have invented a ceramic wax that will give the luster and wet look of the best wax while giving you a very long lasting protectant coating. 

Our ceramic wax will resist heat, uv rays, and enviromental contaminants and harsh detergents much better than traditional wax. As wax on the other hand simply sits on top of the paint's surface, our Gold Standard Ceramic Spray Wax doesnt build up. That means when you want to freshen up your gloss and or use it to clean and shine you can do so without fear of build up.

The Gold Standard Ceramic Car Wax 16oz

  • Spray on than wipe with one rag, than immediately buff with a dry rag. If you are using a thick micro fiber rag than you can simply use the other side.

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