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Our latest and most impressive accomplishment to date is our food grade wood wax. Can be used on anything but of course best used on and made for wood. Our wood wax is made with our same award winning carnuaba formula and organic not processed coconut oil. Our proprietary blends of waxes and food grade oils are not processed and purely organic NO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS USED. This wax leaves no smell and best of all no taste residual on your cutting boards, counters, and whatever else you decide to put it on. Will not yellow, goes on clear and leaves a waterproof and a impenentrable carnauba finish.  We worked very hard on perfecting this formula and all ingredients and packaging is sourced from USA and made right here in the great state of Texas. 


Our wax comes in large 8oz containers and a little bit goes a long way. Great on bare wood, painted surfaces, stained surfaces, polyurethane/clear coated surfaces, anything! 
Excellent for:


Cutting Boards

Counter Tops

Outside Kitchens

Wood Handles

Chef Utensils


Ingredients and care

Made with tier 1 carnuaba, beeswax, soy wax, and the best premium oils in the world. All sourced from american businesses right down to the labels and containers.

Use a rag, towel or anything handy to apply the wax, no need to wait but it will penetrate better waiting 5-10 minutes after use. Buff off and your protected! That easy.

Regfrigerate or keep in a cool dry place and avoid cross contamination. Wax is food grade. 


York's Wood Armor

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